Your opportunity for success

Over 67% of American households—about 85 million families—own at least one pet. That means there are over 85 million furry friends who need a pet tag!...

Caring for pets in the clinic and beyond

Vets know that lost pets are pets at risk—and ID tags are key to keeping pets safe. GoScribe makes it easy for vet clinics to give their patients the security of...

Go get your dreams with GoScribe

Anyone can be an entrepreneur with GoScribe! All you need is a love of pets and their people—and the desire to make extra money with a business...

You’re here for pets, and we’re here for you

Adoption societies are a vital part of healthy communities, and GoScribe is proud to be a partner to many, large and small. Adoption societies trust GoScribe...

Watch the GoScribe in action!

Your GoScribe engraver checks all the boxes: easy to use, super portable, lightning-fast engraving, and—most importantly—a great way to delight...

Easy, versatile business opportunities

If you’re in the business of helping pets—or you’d like to be!—GoScribe is an easy, affordable way to follow your passion. Vet clinics, adoption societies...
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