Watch the GoScribe in action!

Your GoScribe engraver checks all the boxes: easy to use, super portable, lightning-fast engraving, and—most importantly—a great way to delight pets and their people! 

See how easy and fun it can be

GoTags took their GoScribe engraver to a pup pool party to raise money for a local pet charity. They met pet owners galore, made some new furry friends, and had fun in the sun.

Check out this video of their event, see the GoScribe in action, and watch Bentley the black lab puppy get his very first tag!

GoScribe anywhere and get the word out!

What better way to tell the world about your business—and make an important contribution to your community—than making custom tags at a pet charity event? That’s what GoTags did, and it can be a huge success for you too!

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