Easy, versatile business opportunities

If you’re in the business of helping pets—or you’d like to be!—GoScribe is an easy, affordable way to follow your passion. Vet clinics, adoption societies, animal shelters, groomers, and entrepreneurs from all walks of life count on the GoScribe Mini Engraver. 

Easy to use

Anyone can use the GoScribe Mini! Vet clinic staff and adoption society volunteers can make tags for customers without any training. Entrepreneurs can get going instantly with no learning curveand even get the whole family involved!


Make custom tags wherever you meet your customers: adoption events, mobile grooming vans, farmer’s markets, fairs, and expos... your GoScribe Mini is lightweight and small enough to take anyplace.


The Mini’s compact size means that it not only travels with you, it also fits right where you need it—from your office’s front desk to your home’s kitchen counter. It takes up no more space than a stack of paper!

Premium quality

A sustainable business requires equipment that’s built to last. That’s why quality is at the heart of everything we do: high-grade engineering and top-of-the line materials make for engravers and tags you can count on. 


Whether you’re embarking on a new venture or adding more value for your existing operations, GoScribe is a low-cost way to get started. Unlike other engraving systems, GoScribe Mini just takes one low investment—no contracts or maintenance fees. 

Everything you need

Your GoScribe Mini comes with all you need to get started right away—just add your passion! You don’t need special skills, design software, or even a computer. Your engraver even comes with 120 free tags. Just open the box and you’re all set to plug, scribe, and go! 

World-class support

When you succeed, we succeed. That’s the core of our commitment to building long-term relationships through outstanding customer service. We’re here for you, because GoScribing is better together!

Ready to get inspired? Read success stories from a vet clinic, adoption society, and entrepreneurs

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