Caring for pets in the clinic and beyond

Vets know that lost pets are pets at risk—and ID tags are key to keeping pets safe. GoScribe makes it easy for vet clinics to give their patients the security of a durable custom tag engraved with each pet’s vital info.

Happy pets, happy vets

Here’s how GoScriber Amy adds value for her vet clinic’s customers. 

“We use the GoScribe at our office, and the tags are very popular with our clients. As a vet, I know how important it is to have an ID tag on your pet, and I make sure my patients know that too. 

Everyone wants to keep their dog or cat safe and happy, and it feels really good to be able to help them with that. GoScribe is our new best friend!”

Helping shelter pets

Amy also uses GoScribe to help animals safely get to their forever homes.  

“We work closely with our local animal shelter, and we include the cost of ID tags in our adoption fee to make sure pets don’t wind up back at the shelter—or worse, lost for weeks.”

Custom engraving is quick and easy with the GoScribe Mini—and our affordable, high-quality tags make it easy for vet clinics and shelters to give every pet proper ID.

Read more about how adoption societies rely on GoScribe to help pets stay safe.

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