You’re here for pets, and we’re here for you

Adoption societies are a vital part of healthy communities, and GoScribe is proud to be a partner to many, large and small. Adoption societies trust GoScribe to offer great prices, quality products, and standout customer service so they can concentrate on what matters most: connecting pets with loving homes!

Stories from the shelter

Here’s how a major US adoption society relies on GoScribe to support their mission. 

“We adopt out over 22,000 animals each year, and we require that every animal leave with an ID tag and a leash, so we need to engrave on-site. That’s a lot of ID tags! 

With GoScribe, we were able to purchase four engravers outright—no leases, which can be a pain to administer, and no expensive service contracts. We have one at each adoption site, which makes creating the ID tags fast and easy.

We also love the quality of the products and the customer service. GoScribe is open, honest, and totally focused on their customers. They have everything we need, and they always make us a top priority!"

Vets trust GoScribe too

Like adoption societies, vets know how important it is to make sure every pet has an ID tag. Learn why this veterinarian calls GoScribe her new best friend!

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