Adoption Shelters

Happy homes, safe pets

Create custom ID tags for safer pets, happier clients, and smoother operations

Every pet needs a tag to stay safe and sound—GoScribe makes it easy to send each animal home to their forever family with a beautiful, durable tag. And selling custom tags is a great way to bring in extra revenue for your shelter!

Rugged engraver and accessories. Your GoScribe Mini is built to last, like every product we offer! The Mini’s diamond scribe etches text and images onto premium metal tags so that vital info never fades—just like the love between pets and their humans.

Affordable and portable. Make tags anyplace you unite pets with people! From your offices to adoption events to expos and more, GoScribe goes with you. And with no contracts or leases, having an engraver at each of your locations is budget-friendly. 

No special training or equipment required. The GoScribe Mini is the most user-friendly engraver on the market. Any staff member or volunteer can make tags without special training, design software, or even a computer. 

World-class service from real people. We’re here for you—so you can be there for the animals and communities you serve. Enjoy personal service from our dedicated team whenever you have questions, want customized tags, or need support.

Adoption shelter success story

This major US non-profit adoption shelters relies on GoScribe to help them keep pets safe. With an engraver at each adoption site, sending each pet home with a long-lasting ID tag is fast and easy! Read how they trust GoScribe to help them follow their mission of helping animals.

Perfect for any pet business

The GoScribe Mini works as hard as you do—all for the love of pets! It’s tough, compact, and incredibly versatile. With everything you need to get started (including 120 free premium-quality tags!), you’ll be engraving ID tags in minutes. 

See GoScribe in the wild

The GoScribe Mini is perfect for adoption events—portable, durable, and easy to use! To raise money for a local pet charity, GoTags took their engraver to a pool full of frolicking pups. Check out their video and see the GoScribe in action making tags for happy families and pets.

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