Your opportunity for success

Over 67% of American households—about 85 million families—own at least one pet. That means there are over 85 million furry friends who need a pet tag! And there are just as many ways to create your own GoScriber business. Read on for tips, tricks, and ideas to propel your success. 

GoScribe is for everyone

Want to make extra money on the side? Expand your existing business? Launch a whole new adventure? Anyone can become a GoScriberhere are a few ways it can work for you. 

  • Home-business builders. Want to make money from home? The compact, affordable GoScribe Mini makes it easy to do custom engraving at your kitchen table. 
  • Stay-at-home parents. Get your whole familyeven the kids!involved in the fun of making extra money, thanks to the GoScribe Mini’s super-simple interface. 
  • College students. Work for yourself while finishing your degree! Make and sell tags right from your dorm roomon the schedule that works for you! 
  • Retirees. A hobby business can be a fun way to add income and keep active after retirement. GoScribing is easy and versatile to fit your unique needs.
  • Pet-business owners. Already work with pets? Add custom tags to your offeringsyour customers will love the extra option, and you’ll love the extra income.
  • Side-hustlers. Work toward your dreams without quitting your day job. GoScribing is an easy and affordable way to embark on your own endeavor right now! 
  • World-wanderers. Who says you have to stay in one place to build a business? Your GoScribe Mini goes with you anyplace, so you can make money on your terms.

Do business anywhere

When it comes to GoScribing, versatility is the name of the game: sell custom pet tags wherever, whenever you like!

  • Online. You have worldwide reach right from your home. GoScribers sell their tags on popular online markets like Etsy, eBay, and Amazon. Or create your own ecommerce website!
  • Out and about. Meet your customers where they are. It’s easy to create custom tags on the spot at farmer’s markets, gift shows, pet events, fairs, and expos. And if you love to travel, your business travels with you.
  • In your community. Partner with the pet businesses in your area. Vet clinics, animal shelters, pet supply shops, grooming services, doggy day-cares—help them support their customers with high-quality tags.

Spread the word far and wide

You’re passionate about what you do, so shout it from the rooftops! There are lots of ways to reach new customers and build your brand. 

  • Get social. Puppy pics and cat candids are the best thing about the internet, right? Make sure your business has regularly updated social media accounts, and fill your feeds with images and videos of your oh-so-cute customers. Your followers—and loyal customers—will grow and grow!
  • Go local. Connect with fellow pet-lovers in your community. Place flyers at local pet shops, shelters, and other gathering spots where pet owners can discover your custom tag services. And don’t forget to bring some flyers when you take your pup to the dog park! 
  • Help out. While you’re making money for yourself, you can raise money for the animals you love. Make tags to support pet charities’ fundraising—you’ll help animals in need while getting valuable publicity. Nothing’s more rewarding than sharing your passion while helping your community. 
  • Build loyalty. Your high-quality tags will delight customers from the get-go. Build on those relationships to keep them coming back! You can write educational blog posts, send informative newsletters, and offer loyalty programs to let customers know how much you appreciate them. 

Get creative and keep growing

There are so many ways to expand—the only limit is your imagination! Here are just a few ways GoScribers are going bigger with products and services to complement their custom pet tags.

  • Sewing cute outfits and costumes for cats and dogs
  • Baking up specialty dog treats
  • Engraving matching charms for pets and their people
  • Offering dog-walking or pet-sitting services

Of course, if you already own a pet-focused business, your customers will be excited at the addition of custom pet tags too! 

Whether you think of yourself as an entrepreneur or are just exploring ways to make extra money, discover the freedom of your own business—one that fits into your life however you like. It’s easy and affordable to get started, and we’ll be with you every step of the way. Read how other entrepreneurs are succeeding as GoScribers!

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